Sunday School


MRC Christian Education


Murelle G. Harrison, Superintendent (Faith Chapel)

Barbara Simon, Assistant Superintendent (Powerhouse)

Mark Guidry, Assistant Youth Leaders

Gerald Fontenot, Treasurer (New Life)



January 2, 2019

To:       Pastors and Sunday School Superintendents/Youth Leaders


From:   Murelle G. Harrison, Sunday School Superintendent

            Mark Guidry, Assistant Youth Leader


RE:      MRC Meetings/Work Day (March 2, 2019)

            Annual Bible/Black History Quiz (February 24, 2019)

            2019 State & Youth Campmeeting (July 11-14, 2019)


It’s amazing that we are in the year 2019. God continues to bless and protect us. As I write this letter I am so energized by the emerging young leaders in the MRC. Joseph Brown and his wife Znaidia, Adam Kwentua, Laverne Ford and others are stepping up to the plate and that is “Good News” for all of us.

Our plan is to meet at the campgrounds, Saturday, March 2 to make plans for the upcoming campmeeting. We have been given permission to hold separate evening services that will target our youth audience. We must be strategic if we realistically want to capture the attention of the youth and teach the Word that they might understand and accept Jesus Christ which is our goal.


Please attend to the announcements below which will be followed with additional information as the events approach:


¨       What:         Annual Bible/Black History Quiz

¨       When:        Sunday, February 24, 2019     4:00pm

¨       Where:       Faith Chapel, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

¨       Who:          Most appropriate for persons in 5th-12th grades

¨       Format:      Family Feud Model ( 2 teams, responder can elicit information from team members)  Attachments included.


 ¨       What:         MRC Meetings/Work Day

¨       When:        Saturday, March 2, 2019  7:00-2pm

¨       Where:       Palmetto, MRC Campground

¨       Who:          All members of MRC congregations

¨       Format:      53rd  Camp Meeting Committee Meetings

 ¨       What:         State Youth Camp Meeting 53rd Camp Meeting

¨       When:        July 11-14, 2019

¨       Where:       Palmetto, MRC Campground

¨       Who:          First Graders – High School

¨       Format:      Developmentally appropriate scriptural lessons, evening worship service,                                                  recreational and craft activities, water fun, hayride, wiener roast.


Let’s remain vigilant; let us be strong and courageous as we continue the work that is before us. Please be mindful of the dates pertinent to work of the MRC that our God might be lifted up and draw all men to him.


Murelle G. Harrison




























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